Kinder Smile

kids Dentistry

Your Kids smile is the prettiest thing you can look at

Tooth colored fillings

Your kid won’t be able to differentiate between the original teeth and the one with a filling. We use composite fillings that match perfectly the shape and color of natural baby teeth. Fulfilling the right treatment and the perfect look.


Whether the tooth is growing or decayed; we can monitor the whole process through picturing the x-rays. We don’t scan by the traditional x-ray only, but we have our unique CBCT X-ray. Giving you a full picture of the state of the teeth in details, with continuous follow up for the process; for more accuracy and efficiency.

Dental cleaning

Simply bringing back a pure healthy smile free of plaques and stains. Maintaining the oral health for kids and securing safety, accuracy and efficacy of the cleaning process.

Fluoride application

Brushing the teeth with Fluoride to immunize them and prevent cavities. Promoting the demineralization of decalcified weak spots in teeth and maintaining healthy ones.

Extraction (tooth removal)

In badly decayed milky teeth this will be the choice, or when crowded teeth are present with orthodontic treatment for children, we can do the extraction to facilitate teeth alignment. Also, a space maintainer is used if a milky tooth is removed prematurely.

Early orthodontic care

The service promotes identifying bite problems or malocclusions and treating them at early stages; to prevent more intensive treatment later, securing a healthy growth for the teeth.

Pulp treatment (pulpotomy)

A way to preserve the milky teeth until the permanent teeth eruption. Removing infected pulp tissues while leaving the healthy part and medicating it; to extend the life of milky tooth as long as possible to avoid pain, discomfort and finally extraction.

Pit & fissure sealant

Protection is a nice option; this composite is applied in the grooves on the chewing part of the back teeth which are more susceptible for decay; protecting and securing the newly erupted permanent teeth from decay.

Space maintainers

In the process of maintaining healthy teeth, we need to preserve the space of the extracted milky tooth until the eruption of the permanent one to facilitate its eruption and to reduce the need for an orthodontic treatment in the future.