Maxillofacial Surgery

This type of surgery is done by our professional doctors at Innovinity. This type of surgery is done when there is a skeletal deformity, trauma, congenital anomaly or in oncology. It’s basically concerned with the head and neck region.

1. Congenital anomaly: It happens sometimes for infants, when they are born with an incomplete lip and palate. We fix this variance surgically, to regain their confidence in their look to be appealing, and to let their lips function normally.

2. Orthognathic surgery: It’s a problem which teenagers specially suffer from, the abnormal growth of upper or lower jaw, or both of them. At Innovinity, we correct this irregularity surgically to give the perfect natural appearance and the appealing look.

3. Trauma and fracture: Road traffic accidents most probably result in some fractures and traumas. Maxillo facial surgery plays an important role in this situation; fixing the fractured bone with some special plates and screws that leaves minimal or no scars.

4. Oncology: Tumors may appear in the oral cavity or in the face in general. At Innovinity, this can be treated by maxillo facial surgery team and then can be reconstructed after surgery.

5. Infection: Head and neck infections might be life threatening, specially for those who are immune compromised. Maxillo facial surgery’s well-trained team can easily manage these cases safely and effectively.