The main concern in this branch of dentistry is the diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and prevention of pulp injuries and peri apical tissue diseases. Rendering the affected tooth in an acceptable biological way.
This process is done for the Pulp diseases either the inflammatory ones; reversible, irreversible Pulpitis, and the death of Pulp (Necrosis), or the degenerative ones like internal restoration and calcification.
The process is also for Periapical diseases, like the apical periodontitis or apical abscess.
Also, for traumatic injuries such as: Crown fracture, Root fracture, Iuxation and Avulsion.
In cases of incomplete root formation, we do apexification & re-vascularization; ensuring more favorable conditions for conventional root canal filling.
It is done in Endo-perio lesions; that’s when the lesion has both periodontal & endodontic problems. And last but not least, the endo surgery process.
At Innovinity, we do have the latest equipment and devices, which allow us to do endodontic treatment in a single visit, ensuring zero pain.